Sponsors & Exhibitors

Thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors of this years conference and industry dinner.

Tong Engineering


Tong Engineering is one of the world's leading manufacturers of quality vegetable grading and handling equipment, specialising in producing a wide range of advanced and intelligent handling systems for efficient and gentle grading, washing , polishing and processing of a wide range of crops, including potatoes.

From concept design, through manufacture, complete project management and installation, Tong is dedicated to working closely with customers to offer custom built handling solutions that meet current and future requirements, however large or small.

Designed to incorporate the most advanced handling technology alongside intelligent controls and automation, Tong's market leading equipment offers vegetable growers and processors increased efficiency and productivity, whilst ensuring significant labour savings, reduced waste and minimal maintenance requirements.

With over 85 years of experience in manufacturing robust and reliable equipment, Tong offers unrivalled expertise in supplying innovative and forward-thinking potato and vegetable handling lines that improve the quality, consistency and value of crop yield, while reducing running costs; the complete solution to your potato handling needs, from post-harvest to pack.

For more details on Tong's wide range of vegetable and potato grading and handling equipment visit www.tongengineering.com

Cygnet Potato Breeders LTD


Cygnet PB Ltd are the UK’s biggest potato breeder and one of the largest seed potato growers in the country.

Cygnet PB Ltd is currently enjoying success in the domestic potato market with its new pre-pack variety Manhattan, as well as the soon to be named 05C 040-006, which completed National List trials earlier this year and is in advanced commercial trials with several UK retailers.

Through its sister company Cygnet-PEP, Cygnet PB varieties are in commercial production and trials in over 25 countries worldwide including Australia, USA and Russia.

Frontier Agriculture


Frontier Agriculture is the UK's leading crop production and grain marketing business, recognised for its close customer relationships with farmers and grain consumers and its successful management of the arable supply chain.

Operating across all aspects of arable crop production and grain marketing, Frontier supplies seed, crop protection products and fertiliser to farmers, as well as providing specialist agronomy advice through our team of 140 agronomists. Frontier's grain marketing business has well-established contracts with the UK's key grain consumers, giving our farmer customers unrivalled access to end markets.

Frontier has a number of divisions providing additional specialist advice to growers. These include SOYL precision crop production and Kings who are experts on game cover, conservation crops, green cover and forage crops.

Frontier's mission is to be the first choice partner for crop production and crop marketing for UK farmers, and the first choice employer in UK agriculture.



Agrovista is one of the leading suppliers of agronomy, crop management, crop protection products and precision farming services to UK Agriculture.

With the most comprehensive integrated trials programme in the UK, Agrovista can ensure that the quality impartial advice provided to customers is unrivalled. Having depots and regional agronomy centres nationwide, coupled with a team of highly experienced and qualified agronomists, Agrovista are your local crop care experts, committed to helping you farm more effectively and more profitably.

Precision Farming encompasses many areas of technology, data capture, decision-support systems and analysis. Agrovista can help you manage crop and field data from virtually all sources in a comprehensive but straightforward system that can be used in the field or office.

Speak to your Agrovista agronomist now to find out how we can help you manage your crop management.

James Hutton Institute & James Hutton Limited

James Hutton Limited
The James Hutton Institute

World-leaders in potato science, the James Hutton Institute (JHI) is Europe’s largest research centre for sustainable agriculture. James Hutton Limited (JHL) makes the discoveries and innovations of JHI available to industry.

JHL has direct access to the Commonwealth Potato Collection, a priceless genetic resource for the improvement and adaptation of the potato. Our breeders have successfully bred several popular and high profile varieties including Lady Balfour, Gemson and Anya. Beyond breeding, we can offer scientific services at every stage of planting and growing including crop protection, nutrition, pest and disease management, soil health and statistical analysis.

The newly developed PotatoSize app will be released at the event. Developed by Agrovista and James Hutton Institute in partnership with James Hutton Limited, with support from the Genomia Fund, the app is designed to replace traditional field-based size grading with automated image analysis of a sample dig.

Fera Science Ltd

Fera Science Ltd

Our vision is to be a leading supplier of scientific solutions, evidence and advice across the agri-food supply chain. Our role is about understanding problems and enabling sustainable solutions through innovative thinking and the gathering and analysis of robust scientific evidence.

We have the UK's largest Plant Clinic handling in excess of 8,500 samples a year and offering the most comprehensive range of testing services for all sectors throughout the supply chain. We provide responsive, flexible and accessible quality services based on our core diagnostic capability, specialist skills and the deployment of the latest innovative technologies.

With over 100 years experience of delivering pest and disease identification services to a wide range of commercial growers and Government departments, both in the UK and overseas, we understand the needs of our customers.